The bum from the Dublin slum


by Seb Penazza

dublin-boy Photo as illustration by Mike O’Hanrahan

Well hello, I´m Irish,and the Irish canno make a long story short so bare with me.

When Ms Bergenheim asked me if I wanted to write a little something on her blog, I was flattered, and a bit ascared too. We are so different.
I mean Ms Bergenheim is a real talented author with a great vocabulary and poetic touch.
Me – not that much. I canno even spell
poeticand me vocabulary is rather scanty.
So when now
stepping in on her blog to write this post I feel like a bum who steps into the hall of the scholars. A bit nervous and staring down me shoes not to make any eye contact and hoping I won’t embarrass Ms Bergenheim too much for letting me in.

But even with our differences, we do have something in common. We…

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Om mia bergenheim

Välkommen till paintaword! Här målar jag världen med ord i en härlig blandning av känslosam livslust, bubbel, humor, psykologiska vibrationer, svåra teman och mycket däremellan.
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