A grand book ay!


Hello folks. I´m still alive. But cemo is taking a feckin lot of me right now. Had me last treatment a couple of days ago. It was the worst feckin time of me life. Well almost. Never felt that nausea before. Not even from a hungover. Got some meds for the sickness I felt but it dinna help much. Thay wanted to keep me in the hospital but NOO. Stubborn me wanted to go home.
Ya feel much more comfy in yer own home even if ya have noisy children. =)
I now feel a bit better today. So life is not coming to an end just yet. Bethie, me luvly wife is a fantastic person. The best of the best ya ever known.
Shes so patient wi old grumpy me. Like when it was time to take me meds. These meds taste like fuck. An at first I just…

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