The bum from the Dublin slum

by Seb Penazza


Photo as illustration by Mike O’Hanrahan

Well hello, I´m Irish, and the Irish canno make a long story short so bare with me.

When Ms Bergenheim asked me if I wanted to write a little something on her blog, I was flattered, and a bit ascared too. We are so different.
I mean Ms Bergenheim is a real talented author with a great vocabulary and poetic touch.
Me – not that much. I canno even spell
poetic and me vocabulary is rather scanty.
So when now
stepping in on her blog to write this post I feel like a bum who steps into the hall of the scholars. A bit nervous and staring down me shoes not to make any eye contact and hoping I won’t embarrass Ms Bergenheim too much for letting me in.

But even with our differences, we do have something in common. We both write aboot the violence, the horror and all the nasty things the human race do to each other.
And the differences lies in on how we tell it.
Ms Bergenheim is like wrapping the evil, horror, blood and terror in this package off beautiful words and
poetic glow and it´s not until ya start to unwrap it that ya can presage it´s true being.
Me is more like:
“Then Tom ripped the lads fecking head off.
Blood splattered over the walls and onto Tom´s face while the rest of the gang stood around him and watched”
Yeah, nothing much to construe there I´ll say.
I´m just not the
poetic kind I´ll guess, and that’s why I envy Ms Bergenheim´s ways on how she is playing with the words, finding the melody that brings them together into this luvly composition.
I canno ever do that no matter how hard I try.
I´m a simple man. Born and raised in the slum north of Dublin.
But I have always made stories up ever since I was a young lad.
first, the stories were just in me head. Then I started to draw them down with colourful pens followed by the hardest thing there is – to write them down.
I´m a writer with dyslexia. Imagen that. It´s a real
challenge to sit down and start writing a story. I have it in me head all bright and clear. And then I need to get all those words in the right order and correct grammar to even make some sense.
fecking hard I´ll tell ya, and it´s frustrating too.
Me luv and life (Elisabeth) helps me a
lot, and she even got me this program to help me with this grammar thing. But it still takes forever to write it down.
Sometimes I just want to give this writing shit up. But then Ms Bergenheim
steps in and tell me to get a grip and continue. (Thanks)
And somehow even though I canno write prop I got one of me novels published.
An e-book with a cool cover and all that shit and when I saw it on
Adlibris, Dito, Bokon among others I just couldn’t feckingbelieve it.
So that is making me keep on writing.
And the
reason that Ms Bergenheim is nagging me =) (Thanks)

So if ya want to read me e-book, ya find it on Adlibris, Dito or Bokon.
Just type in the name “Dödlig
risk”, and it will pop right up. I´m using me first and me second name
S. Alberto – The evil twin inside me that never got born. Just lurking around in me head making up those stories. =)

If ya want to read me blog yer welcome to do so

So the context of what I´m trying to say is that keep on writing no matter what. Even if ya have difficulties and ar struggling with the words. 

Thanks for reading this post, written by the bum from the Dublin slum, to the end and thanks to Ms Bergenheim for letting me write this post on her grand blog.

Tusen tack Seb! Boken ”Dödlig risk” – som jag verkligen rekommenderar varmt och helhjärtat – är klockren och slungar läsaren tillbaka till Manhattan-deckarnas härligt tuffa värld 🙂 Boken finns  att köpa bl.a.  här:


Sebs blogg är också absolut ljuvlig! Kolla alla flikar, där finns ett och annat!


Om mia bergenheim

Välkommen till paintaword! Här målar jag världen med ord i en härlig blandning av känslosam livslust, bubbel, humor, psykologiska vibrationer, svåra teman och mycket däremellan.
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4 kommentarer till The bum from the Dublin slum

  1. annperten skriver:

    Bra där Seb! Du har ditt alldeles egna sätt att uttrycka dig du också, det ser man i detta blogginlägget. Man hör en alldeles speciell röst, och jag blir alltid sittande och läser, så mycket kan jag säga. /Ann Sträng/ Hempel-Pertmann

    Gillad av 2 personer

  2. Ylwa Karlsson skriver:

    Det finns inget rätt eller fel sätt att skriva och ni är båda duktiga och intressanta författare! Som jag har skrivit många gånger, så har du Seb, en fantastisk förmåga att se humorn i det mesta. 🙂

    Gillad av 1 person


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