Seb Penazza om ”I hundarnas timma”

The book, I hundarnas timma, is what writing is all about when the author finds the unique voice of her own and transforms the words into a poetic but terrifying story.
Mia Bergenheim is unique both as a person and on how she manage to paint words so colourful that you can see, feel, scent and hear every word she pens.
In I hundarnas timma, we will follow Mathilda, who is just a child when the story begins. She loses her father in a terrible accident, and that´s the get go point of this story.
Her father´s death will affect a lot of people in Mathilda´s world.
Mathilda´s only wish is to be loved and seen.
The mother who is broken by her husband’s death and her bitterness over the fame that never became make her slip into her shell leaving Mathilda on her own.
Mathilda’s uncle on her father´s side, who wants to control and rule take advantage over Mathilda who is lost and vulnerable, and she becomes his perfect target for his brutal acts.
This relationship with her uncle will mark her and make her slip into this dark world of hers, even if she struggles to maintain normal. Her shame will form her, and the people around her that have their problems of their own can´t find the right way to help her.
This book made me sad, happy, angry and nausea, sometimes I just laugh out loud, and that´s what a great book should do to you. Drag all those feelings out of you.
I love this book because it´s one of a kind.

This voice you struggle to get as an author – your own, it’s hard to attain.
Not to sound like everyone else, to find this significant voice that´s yours.
But Bergenheim found her voice and paints this touching, scary story that will stay with you for a long, long time.
I feel a bit envious. How does Mia Bergenheim do it? How can she write this horror in such a beautiful way?
Well, I tell you – she´s a talent. That´s the simple answer to that question.
A talent painter with the words.

Om mia bergenheim

Välkommen till paintaword! Här målar jag världen med ord i en härlig blandning av känslosam livslust, bubbel, humor, psykologiska vibrationer, svåra teman och mycket däremellan.
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