Penazza: The story of the angel, the devil and the lad


“Hey! Wake up yer righteous fuck!, said the devil and poke the angels stomach.

“Why?, said the angel.

“Because I need to follow the feckin rules, remember? I need ya to try to stop me and all that shit ay”, said the devil and poked the angel again wi his trident.

“Stop that hurts!”, wailed the angel and pushed the trident away.

“Yer such a maggot, angel”, the devil mocked.

“Is he in trouble?”

“This feckin lad is always in trouble because I win all the time”, the devil grinned.

“Ya don’t win all the time so stop praising yerself”, said the angel and sat himself comfortable on the lads shoulder and continued:

“Can ya be kind enough to fill me in?”

“Yeah, yeah – do ya want the long feckin version or…”

“Make it short devil.” The angel interrupted.

The devil cleared his raspy throat and told how the lad had pulled that evening and now it was time for him to get it on with the lass.

The angel took a good look at the beautiful lass who was laying on the bed beside the lad.

“Oh dear! That´s the girl he likes so much.” the angel exclaimed.

“Yeah right he does! She´s a real sexy piece of arse.” The devil smirked.

“She´s a bit too young.”

“Naa, who´s give a shite. He wants her so why shouldn’t he?” the devil said.

“Because he really LIKES her.”, the angel put his hand on his hips and stared at the devil.

“Just a feckin kiss to see if she´s on”, the devil said and whispered in the lads ear.

“No! Stop! Look at her.” The angel sounded angry and firm.

“Yes im looking at her and she´s a real sexy thing. Kiss her!”, the devil almost shouted in the lads ear.

“No Stop! Think aboot it lad”, the angel said into the other ear.

“Ha, ha, ha, too late sucker”, the devil laughed.

“Donna use yer tongue!” the angel tried to save the situation.

“She´s responding feckin nicely to that! 1-0 to me. I told ya I always win ya loser!” the devil was jumping up and down and his body was now glowing red by the excitement.

“It was just a kiss, devil. A light one with no tongue, so ya dinna win.”

“Then we have to sort that out then. Use yer tongue lad! Feel her!”, the devil whispered.

“She´s a respectable woman! Don’t!

“Try it she might like it!”, the devil urged.

“Oh dear! He scared her off ya dork! Look at her eyes! She looks unsure!”

“Noo, she wants ya lad. Go for it!”

“Now think! Ya like her a lot donna ya? Don’t make a fool out of yer self now.” the angel almost put his whole head into the lad´s ear when he spoke.

“Oh bugger! Why did ya stop him ya loser?” the devil´s  red glow was now fading.

“That´s me boy. Now yer acting like a real gentleman “ the angel felt good about it and flapped his white wings.

“Like a feckin eejit I think”, said the devil and poke the angel with his trident.

The angel continued his speech to the lad.

“If ya want her ya have to respect her. Ya have to show her yer not a monster.”

“Rip her panties off! Ya know ya want it!” the devil shouted.

“Oh shut up! He´s doing great. Look! SHE kissed him! Aww!”, the angel´s wings flapped again and a feather came floated down on to the devil.

The devil wiped the feather off and shouted:

“Donna overthink it lad, just go with yer basic instincts! Ya want that lass!”

“He´s not an animal.”,

“Oh really?”

“He can be a real gent if he wants to”

“Ha!, since when? I mean ya lose a lot of times don’t ya angel!”, the devil grinned.

“I win a lot too”, said the angel and turned his back on the devil with his arms crossed over that white gown.

“Oh ya mean that time with the blond one? he wanted her and he got a real good shag”

“Ya sweet talked her into it yer moron”, said the angel still with his back to the devil.

“And what`s that have to do with it?”

“A lot”

“Ya make no sense – oh look he´s going for her titties! That´s me lad!”

“If he do that she will walk away!”

“Naa, she´s in on it! Go for it!”

“Now ya listen to me son, she´s not that kind of lass ya hear!”, the angel sounded desperate.

“Go for it! Go for it!”, the devil insisted and started to glow again.


“Grand! He´s closing in on them. Oh this is going to be feckin great! His fingers are stroking them. Don’t stop now lad she´s likes it! ”

The angel desperation now made him pull the lads ear.

“Listen to me! Take yer filthy fingers off her! Now!”

The lads hand stopped its movements.

The angel sat down on to his shoulder and took a deep breath.

“Yer such a bore! Look what ya made him do!”

“And what´s wrong with just embracing her?”

“A fuckin lot!”

“They are still kissing so stop being grumpy.”

“Just light kisses ay. No fun in that!” the devil muttered. His glow was almost gone now.

“They look lovely, donna ya think?”

“Bla bla”, responded the devil and started to fill his lungs with air.

“Come on now yer maggot! Rip her feckin clothes off. Ya want her don’t ya? Donna be such a pussy!”

The war was on the angel felt. The devil must be beaten or otherwise the lad would lose this lass.

“Ya lose her forever if ya do this! Donna listen to that devil he´s all evil and yer not!”, the angel begged.

“Just let yer instincts free lad! Ya want her body and ya donna give a shit aboot her soul. Those juicy lips of hers her tongue would feel so good in yer mouth!”

“NOO! STOP! For once in yer life don’t listen to that devil. Ya like her!”, the angel stock his head deep into the lads ear and repeated the words over and over again.

“Great! Now he start to listen to YA! This canno be happening!”. The devil raised his trident and roared:

“I make is dick even harder he canno resist to do her now!”

“Noo! Resist it! Ya can do this! Ya LOVE her!”, the poor angel took all of his powers to make himself heard over the thunderstorm of evil that the devil spoke.

“YEAH! He´s on the hunt again”, the devil was so excited he was glowing again.

“Leave him alone devil!”

“Ya will lose – again angel. He´s not a son of yers but he truly is one of mine, and this is the proof of it”, the devil laughed.

The angel then got down on his knees and closed his eyes. Put his hand on the lads head and with all the power he could bring forth he started to talk.

“This is the woman of yer life. This is the one that´s gonna save from all the evil things that the devil want to put ya up to. Listen to yer heart son. She´s the best thing that will ever happen to ya. Donna scare her off now. Please. Take a grip of yer self. Ya can do this! Ya have to.”

The storm petered out slowly. The devil waved his trident to make it stronger but…

“Feckin great! Now look what ye done ya wimp!”, the devil struck his trident against the lads shoulder to get his attention. But the lad somehow blocked the devil away.

“Ya stupid feckin angel, look at him, feckin stroking her hair. What the feck is wrong with him?”

“He really likes her”, the angel smiled.

“If he like her so feckin much why donna he shag her good then? Come on lad, do her!”

“Stop it devil, ya lost this time!”, said the angel and sat down to rest.

“I´m not giving up that easy – come on now! Sweet talk her, kiss her, grab her arse she will let ya if ya just try!”

“Why are ya always such a bad loser, devil? Let them be now.”

The devil couldn´t just give up so he tried once more.

“She´s soo god damn hot and ya want her, what is yer feckin problem?”

“Don’t ya know?”, the angel asked the grumpy devil.


“He´s in LOVE with her cant ya see it?”

The devil turned his back on the angel and said:

“Love, ay? Yeah ya wait and see. I´ll make him fuck up and she will leave him, ya just wait and see angel”

Then the devil disappeared in a puff of smoke.

The angel stayed on for a while just to make sure the devil wouldn’t come back.

And ya see the devil never returned to this lad because the love he felt for his lass was so strong that it kept the devil away forever.


The end.


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